am so excited about my maternity leave this time.. because am applying for 180 days leave!.. khekhe.. 

as my experience with my 1st baby, 60 days is not good enough for me and d baby.. the main reason is, i want to exclusively breastfeed my baby..  because mama’s breastmilk is the BEST for our baby..  ^_^

I do fully breastfed my son for 10 months too but its really tiring to pump the breastmilk in d office.. hanya Tuhan saja yang tahu!..  sometime,  i cant believe/imagine how i managed to pump and supplied my EBM to him  everyday.. am not a supermom.. ha-ha,  but the scarification is worth.. i know not every mom have d courage to make it.. which is make me proud of myself.. lol! I really hope that i can encourage others mom to fully breastfeed their baby, but its not easy!! huhu..

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p/s: hoping for an approval! padahal lamaaa lagi tu EDD.. pingsan!

Maternity Leave Application

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  1. kalo mau bercuti awal sebelum bersalin perlu la tu surat pengesahan EDD Belle.. buli apply max 2 weeks early b4 EDD.. mungkin buli juga potokopi tu buku klinik, ada state EDD juga sana kan.. sa belum hantar ni surat ni.. persediaan saja.. telampau excited!.. lol

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