after 26 weeks pregnant with my 2nd baby bump, the morning sickness gone slowly.. Pregnancy is fun except for the morning sickness madness (MSM)!.. well this MSM not only included my appetite and emotions.. but its also include my sewing addict, blogging addict (this explain why my blog been abandoned for so long), house chores , my appearance (make-ups stuff and fashions) and more………… and thanks to my very understanding husband who become my main supporter forever.. Red heart

Now recovering is in progress.. I hope i will fully manage to get back on track soon..

for the time being, now i managed to:


throw away my old expired make-ups supply and spend some $$ to replace it.. which i tried to spend on good quality with trusted brand and also with reasonable price (of course)..

absolutely AVON.. 6 items cost RM68.35 after special discount for member (RM80.00 for non-member)… Open-mouthed smileH A P P Y   F A C E!… wah si mama sungguh detail sudah.. pingsan!

2012-02-24 14.46.50


i finally managed to put all those scary stuffs in place after we moved to this house in December 2011.. unpacking was a nightmare!!.. lol

now, finding stuffs more easier.. yay!

and sewing mission will absolutely starting very soon.. ^_^

Untitled-1 copy

this is i call Refreshing.. i feel relieved and getting ready for another chapter with new baby soon!


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0 thoughts on “Refreshing

  1. kuai…sy pun nda berapa minat make up a skrg..tapi sukur morning sickness sy 3 first 3 months ja ni…
    btw, congrats kuai.. 🙂 anda berjaya mengemas barang2 anda..hahahaha

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