this is only to challenge myself..

My mum use to make this patchwork blanket( from leftover fabric) for us.. am not really appreciate her hard work that time.. but when i realize that mine is now ‘gone’ or misplace (since i been move too much until i cant traced some of my stuffs), i realize that i suddenly miss those patchwork blankets she made! I miss the sentimental feeling when am on it..
then i decided to make one for my son.. i want to be like my mum, who can sew patchwork blanket to her children..:)!
am not a very patient sewer, especially sewing something complicated and too much work to do.. i normally ‘will’ finish all my project in one day/night otherwise the project will be delayed forever (ok i have some project that been abandoned for so long until now).. and of course this Patchwork project took forever to finish coz its impossible to finish it in one day!.. i cant imagine how my mum sewn many of it last time.. now i felt the hard work! Patchworker need determination to finish their work and am very impressed those can sew so many patchwork blankets!
My Patchwork journey: No specific theme, no colour planning.. i just grab any available cotton fabric that i have and cut it..
20120317_103254 copy
Cut the fabrics and rest patching for few days…

20120317_235519 copy
Started to stitch pieces by pieces.. day after days..

20120320_235659 copy
I stop patching before the squares fabrics finish and already start  pinning the lining! I was planning to make 7’ x 5’ patchwork blanket but end up smaller coz i cant wait it to finish!.. huhu

20120321_002251 copy
Pinning… little bit upset with my squares.. some of them wont stay in d right place.. >.< I cant decide what to do with the edges finishing.. i want to do nice binding but my blanket not really in square shape..

Finished.. after few days thinking about the finishing, i decided to make normal seam and adjust it to right square shape.. it went well!.. and now ready to use..
i congratulate myself of managed to finish this Patchwork Blanket.. even not perfect but am Very happy that i made it myself!.. then i can tell my mum proudly that i have sewn my own patchwork blanket too! lol…

i Sew: The Patchwork Blanket Challenge

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